Marine Shipments

Marine shipments are the primary mean of Livestock shipments.

Every year, dozens of ships arrive to the ports along the coastline of Israel, unloading cattle and sheep to be slaughtered.

32 אלף עגלים וטלאים עשו את הדרך הארוכה והקשה מאוסטרליה לאילת, צפופים באניית מוות. היינו שם, נהיה בעתיד, נלחם בכל האמצעים העומדים לרשותינו עד שנמחה את הכתם המטונף המכונה "המשלוחים החיים"

32 Thousands sheep and calves made the long and stressful journey from Australia to Israel packed in a death ship

  • Ships transporting calves from Europe (Portugal, Romania, Hungary etc.) arrive to Haifa Port after 4-8 days at sea. Before that, the animals suffer several more days of land transport to the port of departure.
  • The calves on these ships can be so young that they haven’t even been weaned yet.
  • Since "Israel against Live Shipments" revealed that unloading the cattle was done violently, using sticks and electric shockers, it is done in secret, hidden from the public eye.
  • After being unloaded, the calves are transported in crowded trucks to quarantines, where they continue to be treated with violence.
  • Approximately ten ships arrive from Australia to Eilat Port every year, unloading thousands of calves and lambs, after three weeks at sea. These ships sometimes break down in the middle of such a long journey, and some of the animals die.
  • The two major Israeli importers of calves and lambs via Eilat are "tnuva" and "Dabbah".
  • After unloading the animals that have been wallowing in their own feces, the entire city of Eilat suffers terrible stench and a plague of flies.
  • According to Australian organizations, the temperatures of these ships are sometimes too high for the animals to survive. Many of them actually die on their way.
  • According to Australian Animal Rights and Welfare Organizations, it is so storching hot in the belly of the ships that some animals have been found to have internal organs burnt internally while they were still alive.
  • The animals are not being fed for 72 hours before unloading, so it will be easier to unload them.